Where to Eat in Lodz? What to Eat in Lodz? – Good Food on Piotrkowska

Lodz and good food is a duet that guarantees a nice weekend. Finding a decent restaurant in the city is not a problem. For this reason, before you start looking for an answer for the question Where to eat in Lodz? you should know the answer for the question What to eat in Lodz? If you like Italian cuisine we can recommend you few places, which an amateur of Chinese food won’t probably be fond of. The same is with our Polish cuisine. But can we recommend you a good oriental restaurant? Of course! The first and best choice is King Kong restaurant on Piotrkowska. The place is not only conveniently located – Piotrkowska is one of the biggest tourist attractions in the city – above all it serves excellent Thai food.

Good Thai Food on Piorkowska in Lodz

The restaurant itself describes it as the magic of the Thai jungle, captured in the very centre of the city. It would be very difficult to find more suitable words to describe the place. Opening up the door is enough to smell oriental spices and sourish aroma of citrus. The menu includes starters, salads, soups, main dishes with carry, wok dishes and desserts. King Kong remembers also about their youngest guests and offers a special kids menu. Contrary to other oriental restaurants kids menu here is also Thai and includes sweet potatoes served as chips, as well as a delicate, lemon broth. The menu wouldn’t be completed without fresh fruit drinks, cold beverages and beer, including Thai ones. If you are not sure which beer to choose, the staff is willing to help. That all makes the trip to King Kong restaurant much more than just eating out experience. It turns it into a trip to far Thailand, where local cuisine was shaped by influences of Chinese and Indian tradition. That’s why it’s so rich in citrus, sea food and oriental spices.

King Kong – Check Our Menu and Find Out What to Eat in Lodz

Still not sure what to eat in Lodz? Let’s start with STARTERS… There are Spring Rolls waiting for you as well as Sweet Potatoes. We can also recommend some vegetables in tempura with lime and calamari rings also in tempura with lime and with mayonnaise dip. What about SOUPS? There are few to choose from. Some are spicy, other sweet. Don’t forget about SALADS, CURRY served with steamed jasmine rice and WOK DISHES! The variety is really vast.

What to eat in Lodz? – We are Looking For Takeaways

If you don’t feel like eating out, you can take advantage of Thai specials at home. You can also treat them as catering for a meeting with friends. How is it possible? King Kong truly is a good restaurant. Thanks to it the whole city can enjoy Thai food with delivery. If you don’t know what to prepare for dinner or friends come by without further notice King Kong is the best solution. Choose the dish and it will be delivered to you doors, warm and aromatic. As convenient it is, eating home is not the same as eating out. Remember to visit our restaurant from time to time, to enjoy an oriental trip from Lodz to Thailand.

Asia Food Thai Restaurant in Lodz