Pad Thai is the most popular Thai stir fry.
Literally translated, it means 'fried in Thai' and the type of stir fry is 'stir and fry'.
It has become the most popular Asian noodle among Poles.



The King Kong restaurant is the magic of the Thai jungle, closed in the very center of the city.

Unusual place to meet friends, dinner for two, business meetings, or lunch in the middle of the week; tourist "must be"!
In King Kong, we serve aromatic Thai cuisine, made of high-quality, fresh ingredients. The dishes are based on sauces and homemade recipe dressings, and the resulting flavors are complemented by refreshing lemonades and cocktails, made to order by a professional bartender.

Lodz: Asia Fast Food & Thai Restaurant

There are such places in Lodz where you can find oriental spices and traditional recipes served in the most convenient way - as Asia Fast Food. Our menu based on Asian food fusion contains dishes influenced by Thai, Chinese and Indian cuisines with their typical ingredients, such as: coconut milk, lemon grass, fresh ginger and lime leaves. Thanks to them our Asia Fast Food stands out as the most spicy and aromatic one in Lodz. Where to find it?

The place we`re describing known as King Kong Restaurant is located on Piotrkowska – a very outstanding spot on the culinary map of the city that you can find following the distinct scents of spices in the air. Recognized also as Thai Restaurant King Kong offers vast variety of flavours and aromas repeatedly appreciated during The Restaurant Week Lodz and not only then.

Thai Restaurant & Restaurant Week Lodz

King Kong Restaurant is more than happy taking part in Restaurant Week Lodz. The Festival gives us a unique opportunity to introduce you to traditional Thai cuisine as well as Asian food fusion which has strong influence on our menu and all the new flavours we bring to Lodz together with more and more traditional Asian spices and additions. That makes each of our Asian Restaurant a place popular among tourists as well as Lodz’s citizens.

Asia Fast Food & Takeaways

Choosing our restaurant on Piotrkowska you can enjoy Asian food menu with delivery to your home or office. Asia Fast Food with delivery is an alluring alternative for less aromatic as well as less healthy types of fast food. You can enjoy it regardless you feel like eating out or staying home. Call us or order online – You won’t regret your choice!

Restaurants Asia: Learn More About Us

People who visit only the best restaurants in the city often come to ours which is located on Piotrkowska Street. The choice isn`t determined by convenient location, but by excellent Asia Food Menu based on extremely unique food fusion. King Kong Restaurant is also one of commonly recommended restaurants in Lodz. Due to its location it’s quite often chosen by by citizens of Lodz who love our fast food and takeaways as well as dishes served to eat in.

Restaurants in Lodz: What Makes Us Special?

There are many restaurants in Lodz. For sure it won’t be difficult to find a Thai Restaurant or another oriental one. What makes King Kong Restaurants special? We are special for at least a few reasons:

See for yourself. You will find us on Piotrkowska street in Lodz!

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