Corporate Meetings

Organizing a company meeting may pose many difficulties, such as: choosing the right place, meeting formula or refreshments for participants... It is difficult to choose whether it is better to organize such a meeting outside the company's headquarters or catering will be a better solution. King Kong Thai Restaurant in Łódź and King Kong in Kalisz provide both solutions: the possibility of holding a business meeting in the premises and using the catering option.

Catering for Business Meetings

Live cooking is an unusual way to make a business meeting more attractive. The dishes are prepared in front of the meeting participants, and during the culinary show, the chef talks about the recipe and how to serve the dishes. Our catering formula allows you to prepare dishes from ingredients selected by participants. The meeting organizer can also determine in advance what dishes will be prepared.

We prepare our catering based on only fresh and high-quality ingredients, which we purchase from proven suppliers. Their selection combined with traditional recipes is a guarantee of excellent taste that will take the meeting participants on an oriental journey to Thailand.

Meetings for companies in a restaurant: Łódź and Kalisz

When choosing a place to organize a business meeting, it is worth taking into account its atmosphere so that you can talk in a friendly atmosphere outside of work. It doesn't matter whether a few, a dozen or several dozen people will participate. Corporate team-building events work best in places with an informal atmosphere. The relaxed atmosphere will also be useful when planning business meetings with contractors and partners.

King Kong Thai Restaurant is a perfect place to organize corporate events in Łódź and Kalisz. Our advantages are:

  • location in the city center
  • climate (we provide atmospheric interiors, and in the summer season also a garden),
  • menu (we have a wide selection of dishes, we prepare our dishes only from high-quality ingredients),
  • friendly service (we make sure that meeting participants lack nothing),
  • individually composed lemonades and cocktails (an experienced bartender develops recipes for individual orders).

We have experience in organizing meetings for companies - integration, celebrations and business meetings. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our offer and contact us. We will be happy to answer all your questions and help you plan and organize your meeting.

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